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Art from old beehives

Horsham Downs artist Claudia Aalderink is always a hive of activity, especially so at the Gordonton Country Market recently. Annette Taylor chats with her about her work. IT all started when her beekeeper husband Harald returned home a few years … Continue reading

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Walking for a good cause

Horsham Downs photographer Claudia Aalderink went walking this week to raise awareness for a rare neurological disorder  – Multiple System Atrophy. Thursday (October 3) was World MSA Day, and the goal was to attempt to walk and cycle around the … Continue reading

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Paving paradise

Changes have taken place on Thomas and Hukanui Roads. Horsham Downs’ photographer Claudia Aalderink snapped these pics after the trees were cut.  (Not so many years ago the space was a mini woodlands, with mature trees within and roses growing … Continue reading

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Claudia’s cup runneth over

Claudia Aalderink enjoys a nice cuppa.  For the last three months the Horsham Downs’ artist/photographer has been working away at a secret project – unveiled now at the Hamilton Arts Festival. She has constructed a huge cup and saucer, using … Continue reading

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Foliage needed for secret squirrel project

Claudia Aalderink is on the lookout.  The Horsham Downs artist/photographer needs as much corokia as she can get her hands on- for an upcoming art work. Sadly, at this stage, the project is top secret so we can’t reveal what … Continue reading

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Cornucopia now at Horsham Downs

Claudia Aalderink has a horn of plenty on her Horsham Downs backyard – but this one is full of rubbish, rather than food, flowers or glittering trinkets. Artistic rubbish, it must be stressed.  Cornucopia is a giant sculpture made by … Continue reading

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