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Nov 20th, 2018 | By | Category: News

It seems there are many things going on around here that involve food.  And drink.

We rather liked these pics of how freshly handpicked leaves are turned into tea at Zealong.  Leaves are only harvested and processed for about 60 days a year at the estate, so they arranged a special factory visit for new staff.


Zealong Tea



Zealong Tea


Check out this traditional Christmas feast ready on the table at Woodlands.  The pudding, cake and jelly are all made with plastic, polystyrene, paint and plaster of Paris.



And more food – these servings are from Great Beginnings Gordonton, where the ‘restaurant’ has been serving all sorts of things – grass, pretend food, and juice and water too!  Chefs in the making, for sure.
Great Beginnings
Great Beginnings



Great Beginnings


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