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Update: Geoff Booth gained 5474 votes, and made it on to the Wel energy Trust Board.


By now you should have received voting papers for the upcoming Wel Energy Trust Board Election.  Puketaha School principal Geoff Booth is standing for election. He answers some questions from N8N.

I would appreciate just one of your votes. The last few months have rocked our equilibrium and as a result we have a unique opportunity to ensure that the WEL Energy Trust really delivers on the needs and aspirations of our community. It requires both a strategic approach and strong moral compass to achieve positive, tangible outcomes for our customers and region. I bring experience, independence and can collaborate with anyone to drive such results in a fair and equitable manner. Born, raised and educated in Hamilton, this place is home to my family, which includes my wife and two boys, 11 and nine.
The many families I interact with daily provide me inspiration and energy to join a board that will be driven to support the Waikato Region’s prosperity.


N8N: When are the elections, who can vote, how do people vote.  And therein is another question, given the apathy many have for voting – why should people vote?

Geoff: Elections started on June 4 and close at 12pm on the 26th June. It’s important people vote in this election as it is a local community board, that decides on A: where the profits go and how they are spent; B: Whether or not the company WEL Networks stays in community hands; C: Controls the allocation of community grants.

N8N: How does the board work for the betterment of the community, in particular, the rural community?

Geoff: The WEL Trust Board has the potential to support the rural community through grant funds. Having a close connection to the rural community through my role as principal, I feel I understand the many small community groups that are seeking financial support and would aim to support and represent these groups around the table to support them with accessing these funds. In addition the key role of the Board is to ensure the company WEL Networks is run well. It is a $750,000,000.00 company. Its core purpose is to keep the lights on within the community and be responsive to any line issues the exist. Our rural comunity relies on having excellent power supply.

N8N: What would you like to tackle?

Geoff: Supporting those small community groups. Enabling them to offer the support and serve their community in the best way possible. The WEL Trust Board has a reponsibility to be apart of this.

N8N: What specific skills have you got that will enhance this?  What insights have you gained as principal?

Geoff: Listening, collaborating, strategic planning, financial management, relational and a strong moral compass. Being principal allows me to connect with our community at a level most others are not able to. It also allows me to work with talented people and requires me to listen, collect and then synthesis ideas, to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for children and our community. My key focus is to ensure that the WEL Trust continues to deliver on the needs of our communities and is driven to improve the Waikato Regions Prosperity.


Click here for an N8N story on Geoff in his early days at Puketaha School.   “It’s one of those roles which is full of challenges. If seen in the right way, these become opportunities,” he says.

Geoff Booth

Check out Geoff’s Facebook page,  here.

And, click here for Wel Network online voting



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