About N8N

Why hello!

You’ve arrived at Number 8 Network, the community website for those of us living in the rural greenness north-east of Hamilton.

There’s plenty of great stuff going on around here, and we want to make sure people know about it.

We’ve been bringing you news, views and features from around the area since 2011 and we’re still going strong.

N8N is designed to bring together people living in and around Gordonton, Horsham Downs, Taupiri, Tauhei, Puketaha and other rural communities north-east of Hamilton.

If you have news or views, flick us an email. It’s great to share.


We’d like to introduce N8N’s new intern, Rosie Campbell.  From Hamilton, Rosie is studying proofreading and copy editing with the NZ Writers College and has agreed to cast her eagle eye over N8N’s poor spilling and gramma.   (Ed: Good luck with that Rosie!)

Seriously, we’re excited to have Rosie on board, checking the content for stray typos, illegal apostrophes and split infinitives among many other crimes against the English language.  (Rosie’s ed: unless they’re funny)

You can email Rosie here if you have anything needing expert proofing.  (Ed: She is also great in the cow shed after helping with herd testing last week.  Rosie, we will change this photo when you send us a betterer one.  In the meantime, careful with that fork, Eugene!)


Photo of Rosie Campbell



Iris & Annette

More about us here.

Iris, from left, Marley and Annette. (“How come she gets to hold the cat?”)