Raw milk in Gordonton

Raw milk is again for sale from a farm in Gordonton. Molly’s Milk, run by Aaron and Laura Deveth, opened for business on Piako Rd on Tuesday 26 February. “It’s real milk, straight from the cow,” Laura told N8N. There is absolutely no processing in our milk, no pasteurisation, no homogenising. Everything is done by

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Tweaking Windows 10

So, by now, you either use, or have at least heard of, Windows 10. It’s a bit of a mess, says Computer Guy Matt Bentley. He Gives some tips on how to improve the experience. It doesn’t help that Windows 7 is discontinued by Microsoft in February 2020, meaning that it will no longer receive

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Care needed to prevent fires: WEL

With this hot, dry weather in mind, a safety message has come from WEL Networks – keep trees and vegetation near power lines trimmed. In the current dry conditions and extreme weather, a small spark from a power line could start a fire, says WEL Networks vegetation manager Jonny Ogden. “Hot weather, dry grounds, long

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Hello 2019

Summer is almost over, there’s more than a whiff of chill in the air. Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful break. Number 8 Network is back in the saddle, and looking forward to sharing stories and news from our area. Sorry to start the New Year on a bad note but thieves have been busy

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Merry Christmas

Merry merry

A most Merry Christmas to you and yours from Number 8 Network. Our resident pook Osborne has plenty to chew on to keep him out of mischief. But he’ll be back yarning before you know it.  As will Number 8 Network.   Great Beginnings Gordonton were in the festive spirit nice and early.    

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Zealong rainbow

Rain watch

Another month and no shortage of rain!  Rain watchers Mike Taylor and David Riddell tally up the rainfall for November. In a nutshell – after a dry first two months of spring, November saw a return to wetter conditions, with 82mm recorded at Puketaha and 85.5mm at Gordonton (NB: rainfall was not recorded at Gordonton

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Home Range

Michael Blank

You’ve got mail!

Rural postie Michael Blank featured in the latest Home Range magazine.  The 24-page, full colour publication is packed full of local stories from Gordonton, Puketaha, Orini and Horsham Downs and put together with love by Number 8 Network.  If you didn’t see the magazine or would like a link to the digital editon, click here.

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The Firepot Cafe

In the kitchen at the Firepot Cafe

It’s two years this month since Carmen Ko took over the Firepot Cafe, with her wife Yupin. It’s been just great, she tells N8N’s Annette Taylor.  This story featured in Home Range magazine recently. “I really love Gordonton,” says the Firepot Cafe’s Carmen Ko.  “There’s a warm feeling here. I love the locals. Some come

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Out & About


Struggling to find the words: inside Fukushima’s nuclear plant

Gordonton’s Iris Riddell toured inside the disabled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant recently. She shares the experience here.       “Your total radiation dose on this tour will be 0.01 millisieverts – about the equivalent of a dental x-ray.” That’s what we’d been told, barely 40 minutes earlier. I tried to keep that firmly in

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Huimai explores Pukemokemoke

Children and helpers from Huimai Playcentre had a great time exploring the bush and critters at Pukemokemoke Reserve recently. The budding biologists completed a treasure hunt, spotting intricate spider webs, cicada shells, birds and trees along the way.   And of course there was time to take time out and have a breather in the

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Country Cooking


Muttonbird on the menu

David Riddell whips up a special lunch I’ve often seen sooty shearwaters at sea, and occasionally on their breeding grounds, but until now I’d never eaten one. When on the table they’re better known as muttonbirds; I spotted some in the window of a Ngaruawahia butcher’s shop the other day and thought I’d give one

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Duck with bacon and red wine – divine

  Duck hunting started with a bang on the weekend, as the shrieks and wails from nearby pukekos attested to. We don’t have a gun, and we’re not very good at sitting near a pond in a maimai, waiting for the sun to get up but we do relish duck dinners. Luckily, I have a

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Pare Hopa

From Gordonton to Oxford and back

The first Maori woman to gain a PhD – from Oxford, no less – began her educational journey at Gordonton School 78 years ago. Dr Ngapare Hopa still lives in her parent’s house, in the middle of Gordonton village.  She featured recently in Home Range magazine. She has headed Auckland University’s Maori Studies Department, worked

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Working hard in 1909

  Albert Chapman subdividing the land along Piako Rd, 1909.  This photo, from Gordonton’s John Bridman, is the second in a sequence taken by roaming photographer SC Smith. In the background are the original Bridgman farmouse and stables.  Hamilton City Libraries librarian Perry Rice said the heritage section has many other SC Smith photos in

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