Bruce Clarkson – aiming high in Regional Council elections

Bruce Clarkson
“You look after the environment; you’re also looking after the economy” – Bruce Clarkson

Elections are on for Waikato Regional Council.  Meet candidate Bruce Clarkson.


“Environmentalist Bruce Clarkson has high hopes to restore Waikato Regional Council’s reputation for national leadership.

With over 40 years of experience and an impressive number of accolades to his name, Dr Clarkson has plenty of regional council-relevant experience working at the interface of research, policy and practice.

Clarkson has what it takes for a return of Waikato Regional Council to its focus and core purpose of protecting the environment.

He has cultivated a strong understanding of the critical issues the Waikato region is facing and is an experienced participant in the democratic processes of central and local government, including submissions, national policy statements, and strategic plans.

Recipient of the Kirikiriroa-Hamilton medal in 2021, Clarkson is renowned for his work in gully restoration and the development of the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park, adjoining the Hamilton Zoo.

He observes that critical responsibilities have slipped the council’s radar and stresses the importance of addressing key interconnected issues such as biodiversity decline and climate change.

Apart from islands of hope, such as Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari and other mainland islands, the general trend across the region tends to be environmental decline.

Yet iwi and community groups are more than willing to address these issues at the pace and scale needed to make transformational change. They are looking to agencies like the regional council to take a more enabling and empowering approach to finding solutions.

While emphasizing environmental sustainability, Clarkson takes a holistic approach, recognizing that sustainability is needed in all aspects of life: economic, environmental, social, and cultural.

“All primary production in the Waikato depends on a high-quality environment”, he explains. A particular concern is the lack of protection for versatile, high quality soils in the face of urban sprawl and intensification.

“You look after the environment; you’re also looking after the economy.”

With national and international networks in research, innovation and enterprise, if elected, Clarkson will commit to serving the community to ensure the Waikato region’s continued prosperity, based on sustainability.

He also sees enormous potential for new business opportunities bridging the regional need for biodiversity and business to be better connected.

Waikato Regional Council has a variety of challenges to face, and Clarkson calls for a more collaborative, evidence-based approach to decision-making to ensure the inheritance and wellbeing of future generations are not compromised.”

  • Waikato Regional Council elections close at midday on Saturday 8 October 2022.

For more information, phone Bruce Clarkson on 027 437 6820 or visit his Facebook page by clicking here.

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