Morepork photo
Oh hi! Morepork photo: David Riddell


LOOKIT these two lovebirds!

My eyes were firmly fixed on the track as I struggled to the top of Pukemokemoke the other day.  And on the path I noticed a patch of bird do.  Years ago a birding friend had said look up if ever I came across this – I might spy a morepork sitting quietly above.

For years and years I have looked up, and not seen as much as a feather.  But this time I found two sleepy, plump moreporks.  What a reward!

But wait, there’s more.  How about this pic, taken of the two as soon as we’d spotted them.  Sitting ducks.


Moreporks photo


We’ve been delighted to hear moreporks calling around our house in Gordonton over the last few months.   It seems a pair has taken up residence and maybe, just maybe, there will be chicks in the near future.  Thinking wishfully, Mr Riddell has built a morepork nesting box out of scrap wood and placed it in a good bushy spot.  Will report on any progress.


Morepork nesting box photo
Morepork Manor
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