Massed cycles head for Osborne Rd

Julie ‘Pedal Faster’ Roe is looking for keen young ‘uns to accompany her on a morning’s bike ride this coming Tuesday (25 October).

The Horsham Downs’ resident – who is absolutely passionate about cycling – says it will be all on if the weather’s good.

“And at this stage it’s looking like it’s going to be spectacular.  I’d like to gather up a group of under 10-year-olds, and we’ll just head off en masse down the [Osborne Rd] track.”

She’s organised similar outings in previous school holidays, and says it’s often the thing the kids says was the best thing they did.

Enjoying a previous outing...

“They just love it. It doesn’t involve lunch, or money, just 20 kids on bikes, and they all think they go really fast, it’s great.”

The plan is to meet at Julie’s house around 9.30am Tuesday morning.  “And we take off from there.  We’ll bike along the track, down Resolution Drive, go over the walking bridge to Callum Brae, where there’s a playground, and maybe get an ice cream of something.  And then we bike home.”

All that is needed are bikes, helmets and a dash of energy. “They can bring their mums too, and some of the mums bring their toddlers – it’s a nice morning out.”

  • If you want to join Julie on her cycling jaunt, text her on 021 799 377.
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