Christmas merry!

Merry merry Christmas from the entire team at N8N.  That’s Annette, Iris, David and Willow and Marley the office moggies.  Our fabulous contributors Danny and Perry also bark their Yuletide greetings.

We’ll be staying in Gordonton for the day – our free-range ham gets delivered tonight from the Soggy Bottom Man, the raspberries are hanging in there,  the cake is baked and all systems are almost go.

Just had an email from some German friends, who say while the Christmas trees in town and stores are all up, most people buy theirs next week.

“Some people bring it in their living rooms right away and decorate it, but mostly it´s the big event on the 24th to decorate the tree. …In my family it was a secret until Christmas Eve. It was our dad´s job to buy the tree and place it perfectly and decorate it and the door stayed locked until about 5 o´clock when it was absolutly quiet and we could hear a little bell ring. Then the door opened and we saw the tree, with real candles of course, and perfectly decorated.  Awesome!”

Have the bestest Christmas, y’hear?

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