Pass the chocolate please – N8N on holiday

Happy, happy. And a fine New Year’s eve it was, too; we spent it sampling port and ended up winning a bottle of the lovely liquid. Thank you Major Blunder, for an excellent start to 2012.

N8N is in official holiday mode, if the rain stops we’ll be stringing up the hammock and chilling the martini glasses. We’ll be taking it easy over the next few weeks, with a day trip here or there, but mainly we’ll be staying put in Gordonton. (In actual fact, we’ll be toiling in the garden, weeding, trimming, planting and digging and then weeding all over again. Those weeds do get away.)

But more about you. If you’re doing anything interesting or maybe even exciting, tell us about it.  And send in all and any photographs.

If there’s any news or events going on or if you have an opinion on something  – give us a yell and we’ll post it on the site faster than you can say another chocolate, please.

Keep an eye on the site, because there’s some cracker historic photographs coming your way, from Perry Rice at the library.  And more on the book reading list any day now.  Plus the odd column or two.  Possibly a cooking column…

We’ll be back on deck in February, bright eyed and bushy-tailed and keen for another year of great, local stories from our area.

Because the last six months have taught us – there’s some real gems out there, and we’re talking people.

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