Real men drink beer – and wine

Mar 6th, 2012 | By | Category: News

An article in yesterday’s NZ Herald has N8N wondering.  Natalie Akoorie reports that DB Export Dry’s latest ad has fallen flat, due to its suggestion that real men drink only beer.

The series of ads, on TV and in newspapers “is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek look at the next chapter in the DB Export story in which beer rescues 1980s Kiwi men from wine.”

But wine aficionados  are calling foul, she says – quoting a 79-year-old cellarmaster for the Wine and Food Society and another wine connoisseur – Hamilton school principal Dave McNair.

Is this our David McNair, of Gordonton Primary School fame?  Showing extreme good sense, he said he drank both drops and there was a time and place for each.

“If I’m out exercising or doing some manual labour I’m not going to reach for a glass of wine, I’m going to reach for a beer to cool down with.

“But if I’m cooking tea or eating tea I’d definitely have a glass of wine.  I like a good beer and I like a good wine.”

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One Comment to “Real men drink beer – and wine”

  1. David McNair says:

    Hi Iris
    Yes it is indeed me. A friend emailed me yesterday re the article in the Hearld and suggested if Real Men drink real beer they sure as heck wouldn’t be drinking DB Export Gold!! It is a poor imitation of real beer

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