The sweet taste of Horsham Downs

Martin and Stepanie, with friends in the background. Photo thanks: Claudia Aalderink

Horsham Downs is a honey of a place, as Stephanie and Martin Lynch well know.

The bee-keeping couple are changing the name of their Farmblend honey to Horsham Downs Country – in recognition of where it is collected, and where they have lived since 2002.  Stephanie says their honey is location specific, each batch representing the area and season where the bees work their magic.

“As a result, our honeys are like wines, each with its own special nuance and character.  This is reflected in the honey when you come to taste it – there are some wonderfully diverse flavours and textures, including caramel, butter and even  hints of pepper.”

The Marokopa Summer has an intense finish and the Four Brothers a creamy, butterscotch flavour.  “The Horsham Downs Country is an ultra sweet honey that kids love.”

They have also added a couple of new bee sites in the Hakarimatas, which are performing well this season.

“So we will bottle this up in the coming months for customers to try.”

Sweetree honey can be bought at the Hamilton Farmers Market.

Visit their website.

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