Pedalling pals turn back clock for Tour de Te Pahu

Just when we thought it was safe to have a quiet weekend, Number 8 Network was invited to take part in the latest outing by the Karamu Cycling Club.

It would have been churlish to refuse, being founding members back in 1998.  Having just recovered from a grand ride with the Horsham Downs young ‘uns, we headed out to nearby mighty Karamu, just north of the happening  metropolis of Te Pahu and chose a likely one-speed, vintage bike for ourselves.

The club’s main activity is a quarterly jaunt around the Limeworks Loop Rd, a not-so grueling (there’s no hill you cannot walk up) 14-mile ride on mountain roads, punctuated by a refreshing lunch at the idyllic Kaniwhaniwha Stream.

Bikes are provided by local enthusiast and avid collector Martin Dew who reckons he has more than 100 of the things lurking on his property, and who  is ever so happy to see them being taken out on a fine morning.

The aim of the ride is to have a pleasant day enjoying the company of good people. Languid pace is further ensured by the wearing of  old fashioned speed-inhibiting clothing.

Yesterday’s theme was Titanic, in tribute to the souls lost at sea just over 100 years ago.  There were two icebergs, two Captain Edward Smith’s, one ticket collector and countless crew, passengers of all classes and a multitude of stowaways.

In short, this meant cycling the distance in full Edwardian costumes, a hint challenging in long, flowing skirts. Graeme Cairns was splendid on his penny farthing, which surely, must be a pig to ride.

We’d love to see folk from Horsham Downs or Gordonton or surrounding climes taking part in the next outing, so watch this space.  If you want any information on these cycling outings, make Graeme’s day by sending him an email now.  Do mention N8N.

  • Don’t believe you can learn to play ukulele while mastering the tricky art of riding a one-speed bike?  Check this out.
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