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N8N does a round-up of stories from about our district from other news outlets.

Plans to build a 15-metre-high pyramid at Horsham Downs have been rejected by a Waikato District Council-appointed commissioner, says the Waikato Times.
The meditation pyramid and community facility was the brainchild of Morrinsville dentist Rakesh Jogla. It was to be built in three stages, with the pyramid constructed in the first stage.
The 435 sq metre pyramid was to have the same proportions as the Great Pyramid of Giza, intended to provide a restful, contemplative environment for meditation.
Eight of the nine public submissions opposed the plan, but the council did not comment further about why it was rejected.


A restricted fire season is now in force (Thursday 17 January) in rural Waikato. This means permits have to be sought from Waikato District Council for all fires in the open air – exceptions are barbecues, hangis and brazier-type fires etc.
This is a result of climatic conditions, little rain and high temperatures contributing to a rapid increase in fire weather danger levels. Strong winds add to the concern, says council rural fire officer Andy Baker.
“The main concern in the risk of fires spreading which is heightened by the dry condition of fuels and strong wind. In areas of peat soils, fires can become deep seated and difficult to extinguish,” he said.

On January 5 police and emergency services responded to a serious motor accident on the intersection of Holland and Telephone roads, Puketaha. Two elderly occupants were injured in the accident.
In the first fatality on Waikato roads a 45-year-old man died on Tainui Rd, Tauhei on Friday 11 January. The car crashed through a fence and rolled into a paddock after leaving the road at a bend.
Police say the man was a local, and regularly used the road, reported 3 News. They believe excessive speed was a factor.
“We remind motorists that rural people die on rural roads, and even though they are local they need to treat roads with respect and slow down,” said senior sergeant Rupert Friend of Huntly Police.

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