Number 8 Network’s Annette Taylor has been out and about with her camera, saying hello to some of the new business popping up in Gordonton.  Some were out when she called, so watch this space.  There are more to nab.

Meet Leon Ly,  the new owner of Gordonton Bakehouse and Takeaways, who took over from Mich and Yorng Dul four months ago.

From Cambodia, he has lived 10 years in New Zealand.  Before coming to the village, he had worked in an Auckland cafe, and says he enjoys the community feel.

“It’s very friendly. I’m getting to know the regulars.” The fish and chips are good, he says, but the place is famous for its whitebait fritters, and seafood burgers.

Next door at Gordonton Automotive, owner Darrin Paul is enjoying one of Leon’s burgers when I arrive. The motor mechanic has been in business three months and likes the easygoing feel to the place.Photo of Gordonton Automotive

He’s getting to know the locals, the farmers and says more people are dropping by. “Things have easily doubled since I started in January. There’s a good vibe about.”

Further down the road, shop assistant Suresh Sharma and owner Parag Bhindora reckon they have the best lolly selection around. The Gordonton Superette stocks hundreds of the sweet things, all bagged up, ready to go.  The milk shakes are good as well, says Parag, who has been running the shop for about a year.

Lolly time: Parag, left, and Suresh with treats.
Lolly time: Parag, left, and Suresh with treats.

Gordonton is a nice, beautiful, little place, he says. (And who can argue with that? – ed)

“It is absolutely wonderful, good and close to Hamilton, with a nice community,” says Parag. Suresh agrees and says he likes the pace of life to be had in Gordonton.

Further out, there’s one more person to see at Woodlands Cafe, to be found at the historic homestead on Whitikahu Rd. Sarah Gauthern has been brewing top coffee for the last month at the cafe by the cricket oval and loves it.

Gordy Sarah

Owner Judy Cole says Sarah, who works front of house, is a dab hand with the espresso machine and N8N can vouch for this. The place is beautiful, Sarah says.

“It’s so nice to get out of town. Judy is great, the atmosphere and setting are just amazing. There couldn’t be a nicer place to work.”

Then, last and littlest, there is Ned, the new helper at Simply Gorgeous beauty clinic.  He’s a bundle of mischief, there’s no denying. Just eight weeks’ old, he’s keeping a keen eye on things, says Deborah Harrison.

It’s too early to say what his particular talents will be, but he’s a wizard with catnip balls, she says.

Trouble? Moi?
Trouble? Moi?

So, the next time you’re out and about around Gordonton, pop by and say hello to the new folk. It’s a friendly, happening place.

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  • April 13, 2013 at 5:42 pm

    Soda Pop and global vets are just along from the dairy, both are fairly new with soda pap kids clothes only being open a few months


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