Facial Eczema spore counts rise

The recent tropical cyclone has resulted in moist, humid conditions ideal for fungal growth, says Anexa Animal Health.

Facial Eczema spore counts are climbing rapidly. Already there are hotspots of exceedingly dangerous spore counts and clinical eczema cases.

For the week ending 18 April:

* Gordonton, Gordonton Road, 10,000
* Gordonton. Woodlands Road, 0 & 65,000 (different farms)
* Taupiri, Peach Road, 10,000
* Gordonton, Piako Road, 5,000
* Morrinsville, Tahuna Road, 5,000
* Morrinsville, Morrinsville-Tahuna Road, 0
* Kiwitahi, Starkey Road, 85,000

Despite most farms feeding high levels of supplements to cows, clinical cases of eczema are occuring in less dominant cows that consume less supplements and more grass.

Calves generally are consuming little supplement and are more susceptible. Anexa suggest revising replacement zinc supplementation, and that many will need another zinc bolus now.

For further information, phone the Gordonton clinic, 824 2103 or email here.

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