The magnificent May market

THE rain really did stay away and the sky was a crisp blue at the May Gordonton Country Market. Perhaps it was a tad on the chilly side, but there were hot drinks to sip, doughnuts to nibble and way  more as the sunshine streamed through the trees.  Number 8 Network had its ace team on the job – Iris Riddell and Ciaran Warner.  Annette Taylor lollygagged behind with the camera.


No idea what this is LR

Our friendly busker kept people tapping their toes –


Busker LR

And the gang from St John’s were out in force –

St Johns LR

This little girl demonstrates patience while she waits for her donut –

Doughnuts LR

Concentration is everything when preparing fine food –

Barbie man LR


There was a pukeko pinny as well but these rather caught the eye –


Forgot what this one is LR

Plenty to choose from –

Van LR

Ace reporter Iris Riddell was put to work wrangling the Mushroom Kids –

Wrangling the mushroom kids LR

And didn’t she – and they – do well –


Mushroom kids LR

Then she was allowed to get some herbs for Taupo garden –

Iris and lady

Meanwhile, Ciaran was hard at work getting words for a story – (watch this space for an exclusive Warner piece on the Mushroom Kids!)

Ciaran LR

Hot chocolate kept this one fueled –


Kids and nice lady and lollies LR

And there was plenty to smile about –

Smiling in sun

Owl LR

Score LR

And when we left, the toes were still tapping –

End shot LR busker

Thanks Gordonton Country Market organisers – it was a pleasant start to the weekend.  Looking forward to June!

If you want to know more about the market, or are interested in having a stall, email the organisers by clicking here.


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