Tauhei wild hunt fundraiser hits the mark

A lovely pic by Ciaran

Hunters, from left, Tess Rappé, Alex and Blake Martin and Lindsay and Jacob Lammas with some of the kills.
Photo/Ciaran Warner

Roving rural reporter Ciaran Warner filed this report for the Herald on Sunday and Number 8 Network.  Watch this space for details from the weigh-in yesterday and who won.

THERE’S been plenty of kills and thrills for the young ones at the third annual Wild Game Hunt and Fishing Competition in the rural Waikato area of Tauhei.

The contest, which started on Friday, is a Tauhei Combined School fundraiser.

Organiser Angela Martin says it’s a great way for kids to have fun and help their school in the process.

Money from previous years bought IT equipment for the school, but this year’s is going towards a shaded outdoor area.

Lindsay Lammas, 6, says the best part is hunting with his family. “We’ve been night-eeling and caught one eel. This morning we went goat shooting, and my Dad got four or five,” Lindsay said. “It’s lots of fun, but we want to get more turkeys.”

Some pics from the Great Hunt of 2013:


Lindsay Lammas

Jakob Byers and his winning 3.37kg eel (all eels were released alive afterwards)


Charlize, Jordyn, Brooke with dad Trevor Bell and friend Luke Gurnick

Quinn Hart and his turkey


Don and Ngaire Palmore – Ngaire won by a mere .24 grams

Use 1Charlie and Poutu Hooper


And here is the lowdown from organiser Angela Martin:

The animals possibly thought they would be safe, when the fog rolled in and the rain came and went repeatedly, but sadly that was not to be. Avid hunters young, and older, braved the unusual no sense weather forecast, to try and take out the top prize, at Tauhei Combined School Wild Game Hunt and Fishing Competition.

In its third year, the event is improving as each year passes, 107 entrants entered, a marked increase on last year. The competition opened its doors to allow snapper and trout to be caught this year, and whilst there were no snapper, two good sized trout made their way to the weigh-in table, caught by Don and Ngaire Palmore, Ngaire had the bragging rights, beating her husband by a mere 24grams! Large animals of all sizes graced the weigh table, with a whopping 90kg red spiker stag being caught by competition veteran Simon O’Neill. For the first time four deer were on show, having been noticeably missed in the previous competitions.

Not to be out-done, hares and rabbits of all sizes graced the tarmac, and the hills for now, will be minus a few. Goats, pheasants, magpies, pukekos, ducks and eels, all had their glory as they came in to be weighed. Five-year-old Jakob Byers took charge of a 3.37kg eel, and in doing so, showed that he could wrangle with the best of them, taking out top honours.

The atmosphere at the prize-giving, included apprehension, as keen hunters sat waiting for the results, relaxing with a cold drink, and they were not disappointed as prizes from Kilwell supplied through Wright Bait and Tackle, and Greg Rushbrooke Building Services, filtered their way from the stage to the winners.

Expectations of a great event were high, bigger and better from last year? Could we do it? And the answer was an overwhelming YES, from all reports, everyone had a fantastic time, a great event.

Now the question is what is in line for next year, the dates are booked 16, 17 and 18 May 2014. Mark it on your calendar and be part of what is fast becoming a hunting competition to be reckoned with.

For past pics and coverage from the Wild Game Hunt – click here.


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