Police watch

The pests have been out and about, according to the latest Police Bulletin.

On Saturday night some residents in Rototuna had the lids of their letterboxes ripped off and removed. There did not appear to be damage to any other properties. Someone went looking for the lids but with no success.

Some time later a person from an adjacent street knocked on the door with the lids in his hand. He had been cruising in his car in the pouring rain, looking for the lidless letterboxes! How is that for a neighbourly good deed!

In Hamilton itself a more serious scammer was trying it on. A female collector was canvassing a street in the Hamilton East area on Tuesday, early evening. She was offering sign up forms for automatic payment from a bank to make monthly donations to Unesco. People didn’t have to give money but they could sign up to donate $6 monthly, with bank details.

She was asked where her office was in Hamilton. She replied there was no Hamilton office, she was from Auckland.

Unfortunately for her, the door she had knocked onbelonged to the president of the local United Nations Association of NZ – who was not aware that Unesco was sending people to collect money in this way. Having checked with the Unesco Auckland branch, the president has confirmed – there is no collection programme running at present.

Be wary when people knock on your door.

  • Useful numbers: Call 111 for urgent/emergency situations. For all other calls phone 858 6200.
  • To contact Neighbourhood Support phone 858 2779.
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