Take care on country roads – cyclist

Be extra vigilant on roads is the message from cyclist Jeremy Rothery who was injured in a collision with a car in Puketaha last week.

Mr Rothery was in hospital for three days and won’t be back to work for at least six weeks, he told the Waikato Times.

He was cycling on Seddon Rd, wearing reflective gear, when a motorist collected him from behind.

The driver of the vehicle stopped and provided assistance.

“The driver did everything right. This is about being extra vigilant so we don’t end up in this predicament.”

An independent view of the crash was sought from police but a response had not been received as of last night.

Yet Rothery is calling for “more awareness” about the issue.

All it takes for a driver to cause serious harm or to kill a cyclist is a “minor lapse” in concentration.

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