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Addictive: Cheries with two little girls needing adoption.
Addictive: Cheries with two little girls needing adoption.

Running a shelter for dogs is addictive, says Gordonton’s Cherie Baker.  Number 8 Network had to scootle out to see for ourselves.

Cherie takes in canines from all over the North Island  and they arrive at her property in all stages of health. “It can be pretty sad.  But it’s nice when they become healthy again.”

She started the shelter two years’ ago after helping foster a few dogs.

“You come across dogs in pounds having puppies.  People need to step up and be responsible and start de-sexing their pets.  It is expensive, but there are organisations out there that can help,” she told the Waikato Times recently.

Every fortnight we will run Dog Love, a special feature on the worthy hounds to be found at Cherie’s shelter, and try to help find a home for them.

There’s only so much one person can do, but Cherie does the best she can.

“When they come into my care, I worm them, register them, microchip and desex them.  They get their vaccinations and deflead before they find a new home.”

She owns three dogs herself and tries to stick to just two others at a time, but when we visited their were seven adorable waifs up for adoption – and seven more she knew were coming in two weeks’ time.

“It’s hard saying no sometimes.”

Pick me!  Pick me!  This little lass from an unwanted litter sums it up...
Pick me! Pick me! This little lass from an unwanted litter sums it up…

If you are interested in giving a dog a home or fostering, get in touch with Cherie.  She is also in need of donations of food – “anything is welcome, anything goes a long way.”


Number 8 Network's Iris Riddell feels the love.
Number 8 Network’s Iris Riddell feels the love.

So – to get us started (and remembering that the two little fluffballs in the photo with Cherie are also up for adoption) – meet Meg.  Meg is a young foxie cross, roughly six months old.

Looking for love...
Looking for love…

Her sister Tinka was given a home on the weekend, both were abused girls. Meg is gorgeous and loving and would brighten the hearth of any family.

I would, it's true.
I would, it’s true.

If you would like to meet Meg or any of the other awesome canines at DC Rescue Dogs, do get in touch.

Email Cherie here or phone her on 021 0 41 4108.

tank 2

PS Today’s bonus – meet Sheep, otherwise known as Tank Dog for obvious reasons. Sheep is Cherie’s own pet, and one of her first. “I was asked if I wanted a dog, and I said no. The chap then said he’d shoot him because he was too rough with the young dogs.”  Three years later Sheep is the star of the show, a bit like Nana from Peter Pan and sooo gentle with the pups.

"I KNOW it's in here some where!"
“I KNOW it’s in here some where!”
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3 thoughts on “Dog love

  • July 7, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    What a wonderful story, and a wonderful enterprise. A great idea to support it. I’m sure N8N readers will be snapping up dogs superfast. This reader is sorely tempted.

    • July 8, 2014 at 11:09 am

      You and me both, Tamahere. Iris and I were very tempted to return with two dogets, actually!

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