Spring is in the air…

Spring has got Claudia Aalderink all a-buzz.

Bees all a-buzz

SPRING has sprung and there are another 115 days till the end of the year. When driving around the countryside young animals frivolously jump around and chase each other through the paddock.  Mothers try to keep them in line but there is no stopping them; Spring calls for a festive mood amongst everyone.

Spring flower

Nature is showing off its beauty and is fresh and new again almost like a blank canvas ready for a new piece of art, a new cycle of life and new opportunities. It is a happy season, bees are buzzing, blossom is appearing, flowers are growing, and the innocence of a lamb looking at you with big brown eyes is always enchanting.

Spring lamb

Birds are working hard with creating suitable residence for the new babies. It always brings a smile on my face. They seem to take over whatever suits them and in my garden they have taken over an old school locker that, I guess, is not going anywhere now until the kids have flown the coop.

Starling nesting

The seasons throughout the year show us plenty of beauty and this time of the year is important for all living creatures because it sets the tone for the rest of the year. To keep that cycle going flowers and trees need to grow in order to provide for bees to live. Bees are of crucial importance for pollination and keeping the ecosystems healthy.  This month is Bee Aware month and people are encouraged to plant ‘bee friendly’ plants and trees in their gardens.

Bees are important for nature and our way of living because they are pollinating many of the produce we consume in our daily existence. So let us all plant more flowers for our little buzzing friends and enjoy natures cycle with a smile on our face.

Spring is a great time of the year with plenty of new beginnings and as the late Robin Williams said it so right: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!'” …so let’s.


Click here for more information about bees and ‘bee friendly’ plants.




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