Diesel the (famous) Rototuna Countdown cat

He’s quite the star, is Diesel the Rototuna Countdown cat.   He turned up at the supermarket about six months ago and set up camp.  He’s even got his own Facebook page, which has more than 1000 likes.

On Monday a film crew from TV3 called by special to file a story on the one-eyed moggy. 

Number 8 Network couldn’t let them have all the fun.

The 11-year-old moggy sits outside the exit, in all weather, says Countdown staff member Beverly.  “He was here all through winter,  5am in the morning, as the bakers arrive.  Rainy, misty, windy, he’s very dedicated.  And enjoys greetings shoppers as they come and go.”

Yet the moggy has an owner, Geoff Hayes, who lives nearby the supermarket and was enticed to be filmed with his wandering friend.

Off to face the cameras...
Owner Geoff Hayes and Diesel set off to face the cameras…


Diesel the Rototuna Countdown cat
“Don’t wriggle!”


The TV crew were ready and waiting for the obliging team, Diesel performed beautifully.


Diesel the Supermarket cat


Diesel the Supermarket cat
“I’m ready for my close-up!”


Star performer (and the cat is pretty good, too.)
Star performer (and the cat is pretty good, too.)


Meanwhile, across the car park, another cat is watching the action.  Gingerboy has been living at Pet Essentials for the last six years.  A very handsome feline, he trots around to various shop owners and greets them most mornings with a miaow – he doesn’t purr, says owner, Jenny.

He’d like to know what all the fuss is about this young upstart over the way.



Diesel the Supermarket cat
“Whatever is all this fuss about? Goodness gracious me.”


The film crew talk with Garry Whiteman, the Countdown manager.


Diesel the Supermarket cat

Everyone loves Diesel…

Everyone loves Diesel...
That’s it, behind the ear…



And that includes Gingerboy who donated a lovely new mat for him to sleep on, says Beverly.  (That was stolen not long after, so he napped on a knitted blanket for a while, until a customer called by and gave Diesel his current bed. )

Diesel the Supermarket cat
“Us cats have to stick together. Go Diesel!”

The star quietly agrees but it’s that time of day –

"Now, at last, I can grab that cat nap."
“Now, at last, I can grab that cat nap.”

Click here to see Diesel on TV3.

Check out his Facebook page, here. 

David Smith, the human who helped him put it together, says within days Diesel had more than 500 likes, and a couple of weeks later they hit 1000.  It’s now sitting on 1655.  “I can’t believe how much love there it out there for this cat.  He’s brave, has this blasé attitute and is always happy to mooch.”


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