Making the market tick

Kerry Ann welcomes folk to the market’s first birthday last September.

The Gordonton Country Market is on this Saturday – we talk to one of the committee members who brings it all togther.

TIME is the biggest challenge, for Gordonton Country Market chairperson Kerry Ann Norman – as in, finding it.

“It’s pretty busy leading up to market day and on the day itself there’s even less of the stuff to go around!  But it’s wonderful seeing it come together.”

The market is special; it brings the community together, and people from far away as well.

Kerry Ann was at the first meeting when the idea was first suggested.  “I would have loved to have been involved but my work commitments were pretty demanding at the time.”

Husband Chris was there, however, and joined the committee.  “He has been able to make a significant contribution at the planning and liaison phase, looking into things like traffic management.  He is a natural communicator and just loves talking with local people about the market.”

Not long after moving to Gordonton about six years ago, they felt a market would be wonderful for the community.

“It was a big move after living in Cambridge for 16 years, but we established ourselves with the Oaks Church initially, and our three children have made good friends.  We have lovely neighbours and felt a part of the village right from the start.”

As chairperson, Kerry Ann is at the market each month, along with other committee members, welcoming stall-holders bright and early and ‘floats’ around, helping out.

“I also love the end of the market day when we pack down and put everything back together again.”

At other times there are meetings to attend.  “One of my roles is to keep these flowing but it doesn’t always happen because we enjoy going off on tangents and talk about all sorts of things!  The committee is a great group of people who have amazing skills and ideas, and it’s great to be a part of it.”

Kerry Ann works as a developer and trainer with the Foundation for Youth Development.

“We deliver youth development programmes throughout New Zealand, and my role is to train and equip the national workforce, as well as develop the programmes.  I love my job, it’s the best in the world.  I get to meet and work with amazing people, travel, and am constantly inspired by the incredible young people in this country.”

She is young at heart, she says, and loves all things youthful, as well as making costumes, baking, books, theatre and family.  “We’ve got a new Kune Kune pig called Norma at the moment, she is a delight.”

And it’s delightful being part of the committee that brings the market together – “I love it.”

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