Happy New Year Hawks!

Jan 13th, 2015 | By | Category: News

Welcome to the New Year – hope your Christmas was relaxing in the extreme.  Number 8 Network had a fine holiday and is just now starting to think about 2015.  Here’s a little nest of joy to start things off with.

Gordonton farmer Cloudy Mcleod found this hawk nest in December, fenced it off from curious calves and on Christmas Eve found the following young ‘uns within:


Hawks chicks

Sadly, when he went back last week there was only this one fellow.  Not sure what happened to his siblings, but he was in fine form:

hawk chick

There’s heaps going on out there, we’ll be bringing you the latest of what’s afoot.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you know something worth sharing!

Regards and Happy New Year –


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One Comment to “Happy New Year Hawks!”

  1. Roy Burke says:

    It’s worth one guess – haven’t you got a stoat or six out there?

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