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“STRETCH… hold it… and relax!” Since March Deanna Paton has held fitness classes for women at her house on Gordonton Rd. Annette Taylor turns up a little too late to take part but is impressed by what she finds.

Stretched out on blue mats the group have been hard at it for the last half hour, undertaking a mix of cardio and strength training. They are soon to troop in for breakfast, which today is homemade walnut and cinnamon granola with slightly cooked blueberries, and a splash of Greek yoghurt.

“I like them to start the day with a healthy, tasty breakfast and my policy is no refined sugar and lots of protein. Every week there’s something different – many say it’s the best part!”

Three 45-minute sessions are held each week, two in the morning at her home near the golf course, and one at Gordonton School in the afternoon.

Deanna gained personal training qualifications in Australia and has always been interested in health and fitness.

“The women who come are generally involved in farming or are mothers, and they need to be strong and fit in order to be effective. This is especially so with calving season coming up, when many will be busy.  I want them to say they were fitter, had less injury and were able to do more.  That’s the goal of being fit and the goal of these sessions as well. ”

The idea came about following conversations with mothers at school. “The more we talked, the more I heard reasons not to train or look after yourself; Gordonton was too far from a gym, they didn’t have time, wouldn’t know anyone and that they weren’t fit enough. I felt I could create a safe, friendly environment for women, so asked a few over to give it a try and tell me what works and what didn’t. It took off from there and the feedback has been amazing. One woman said the training makes her feel alive for the rest of the day, which is just great to hear.”

Around 30 women currently take part, mostly in their 30s or 40s. “It’s all flexible; if they can’t attend on a Wednesday they can come on Friday. The $15 morning sessions include breakfast and every two months I’ll give them a fitness test.

“And we have fun. It’s a great way to start the day.”

  • Women’s fitness sessions are held at Deanna’s home on Wednesday from 9.15am, and Friday 9.45am and at Gordonton School on Wednesday at 4pm.  Sessions are $15.

To find out more, phone 021 057 3345 or email Deanna here.

Taking a deserved break for a photo session.  Photos:  Annette Taylor (who did do a few stretches and push-ups, by the way!)
Taking a deserved break for a photo session. Photos: Annette Taylor (who did do a few stretches and push-ups, by the way!)
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