Musical brothers to rock Gordonton

Gordonton’s Christmas in the Hall is this Friday, and three local performers are keen as to get on the stage.

Checking out what's on offer at a music shop in Chicago.
Checking out what’s on offer at a music shop in Chicago.

Brothers Alasdair, Joe-Joe and Jordan Campbell say they will play some revamped carols with an unusual and unexpected twist – and given their background, this sounds like an act to catch.

They have played at various events both in New Zealand and overseas, and in July spent three weeks touring the States, performing in Indiana and visiting Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles and Memphis.

The brothers have always been musical.

Alasdair, 19, grew up in Afghanistan, leaving when he was 17. His first attempt at learning an instrument was the violin, at age five. His mother reports that he hated it, and so did the family – and he went on to play banjo, as well as the Cajon, bass guitar, drums and djembe.

Living in Afghanistan was an eye opening experience. “Each day seemed to have a new adventure and lifelong friends were made. The local bazaars were very colourful and full of life.”

Due to security concerns the brothers were driven to school, Joyce says. “One day he counted 40 guns on the way, mostly Kalashnikovs!”

Alasdair is studying mechanical engineering at Waikato University – his goal is to use this in a developing country. In the meantime he works part-time in Gordonton’s Bakehouse, as well as busking at the Gordonton Market. “It’s a highlight of the month and it’s good to practice out in the open and be part of the hustle and bustle of market life!”

Joe-Joe, 16, plays regularly at various gigs and cafes, and is saving for a missionary trip to Fiji – father Martin is the principal at Eastwest College in Gordonton. Joe-Joe’s instrument of choice is the guitar, and his first teacher was David McNair at Gordonton School. He plays between eight to 10 hours per week, often more and has begun writing song lyrics.

Joe-Joe spent 10 years in Afghanistan and says he misses the people, language, food and friends. “I couldn’t have wished for a better place to grow up, I’d go back tomorrow if I could.”

Luckily he’s happy living in Gordonton. “I love the amazing community, the college, market and the great people.”

Eventually he’d like to study medicine and specialise in the States or Europe, with the view of becoming a neuro-surgeon.

“I plan to gain abilities and then work overseas either in missionary or humanitarian work where the need is great but the workers are few.”

The youngest, 14-year-old Jordan is learning violin, plays bass guitar and is just beginning to jam with his older brothers.

Brothers 1

The Campbell brothers will play three songs in a unique style at Christmas in the Hall.

“We’d love to see you there,” says Alasdair.

  • Also performing at the event are Debbie Shepherd, the Gordonton School Choir and others. From 7pm, gold coin entry with supper after the concert.
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