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SchoolThe response to a Givealittle fundraiser to buy a defibrillator has been amazing, says Orini Combined School teacher Belinda Duncan.

Six-year-old student Finn Corbin was born with the right half of his heart missing, and is at risk of cardiac arrest at any time. The closest defibrillator is at Whitikahu Fire Station which is unattended most of the time.

“It is essential that we have one situated directly in our community,” she said when setting up the Givealittle Campaign in June.

In just under two months, $2313 has been raised. The cost of a defibrillator is $3500.

In the meantime the NZ Fire Service has loaned the rural school a defibrillator, as well as a training defibrillator – sent free of charge by NZ Couriers.

“Well done to everyone in the community who are helping to make this happen.”

The story was picked up by OneNews, and Finn’s mother said the device would not only help her son, but anyone in the community who needed it.

Defibrillators use technology that talks the rescuer through the steps to apply the pads and gives clear instructions in the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

And the students in Room 2 have got behind the campaign – Number 8 Network was delighted to receive a colourful pile of cards in the post:





“Thank you for reporting. We can’t thank you enough. Your report enabled Finn Corbin’s name and story to reach out to our community…”

“We are all so greatful of how you’ve contributed to helping Finn Corbin. I think that he is so cheerful here at Orini Combined School. He looks like he’s living his life like a normal kid.”

“You have helped a kiwi kid in need. Finn will be very happy about the defibrillator and feel more safe.”

So come on our community and the wider Waikato – let’s reach that $3500 goal. Every little bit helps!

To make a donation to help Finn get his defibrillator, click here.

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