Easter Sunday: To shop or not is the question

easter-tradingDo you want shops to open on Easter Sunday?

That’s the question the Waikato District Council is asking after a legislation change allowed it to develop a policy that would allow shops to open on Easter Sunday, a day most shops have traditionally shut.

At the moment shops can only open on Easter Sunday if they meet strict criteria but that would change under the new policy.

It would allow shops in the Waikato district to open but it would not be able to specify any criteria or restrictions, such as types of shops, hours or purposes.

“We want to know what people think,” said general manager Strategy and Support Tony Whittaker. “Is this something our communities want?”

“We are asking people to tell us what they think by October 31. We’ll be out talking to our businesses as well as visiting local market days, including the Tamahere Market this Saturday, October 15, to find out what people think. People can also go online to provide their feedback.”

“If our communities tell us they want shops to be open on Easter Sunday, we will develop a draft policy. We’ll then give them an opportunity to provide feedback before it’s adopted in time for Easter 2017.”

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