Community meeting for Gordonton

A community meeting to ‘future proof’ Gordonton is to be held on Monday 21 November.

tanya“Wheels have been put into motion for all of us to have our say on the future of Gordonton. It kicks off with a brainstorming session for all businesses and services in Gordonton and the surrounding area,” says organiser Tanya Clancy, who runs The Farm Shop and the Irresistible Gordonton Facebook page.

“Over the past twelve months we have listened and been part of discussions on the pros and cons of our home village of Gordonton. We all have – and have heard of – some great initiatives that if actioned would help us grow and make a positive change.”

She believes this is difficult to achieve good result individually, as well as being costly, frustrating and time consuming.

“United as a community we become a strong identity and from this we can make things happen that benefit us all.”

This starts by empowering the community, and she wants people to be involved – “It’s important that we are able to have a say in our future, as it is our village – each and every one of us.”

Tanya has also recently been elected to the Gordonton District Committee, headed by Richard Riddell.

Following the meeting on the 21st, a full meet and greet/brainstorming community meeting will be held – date and location to be announced.

“From the brainstorming sessions a plan will emerge and this is when the really fun begins as we then ‘make it happen!’. Remember the saying “’t may not happen overnight but it will happen’ – this will be our mantra.”

Some of the initiatives include:

  • Somewhere/things for our kids (of all ages) to play/use.
  • Community events to be held on the reserve
  • Information centre-point
  • Something that sets us apart from anywhere else
  • A clear identity
  • Business growth
  • More Amenities

The meeting will be held on Monday 21 November at the Hukanui Golf Club, from 4.30pm.
For further information or queries, send Tanya an email here.

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