‘It was such a freak thing…’

Waikato flooding.
Waikato flooding. Photo: Jenny Fournier

A Taupiri family made a ‘frightening’ night time evacuation through the recent floodwaters, reports the Waikato Times.

Wading through floodwaters in the dark with a toddler and a pet dog was a scary scenario for one Taupiri family.

Remnants of Cyclone Debbie forced Lisa Thurgood​ and husband Nigal​ to evacuate their Tenfoot Rd home late Wednesday night.

“We made the call at 8:30pm to pack up because the water was coming up driveway,” Lisa said.

She told the Times the Orini area had taken a ‘real good hit’ and that it was the first time the home had flooded in the five years they had lived there.

The flooding has made them realise the importance of preparation.

“Although we had our food and water, we didn’t  have a bag packed and we had to look for our passports.

“It was such a freak thing. . .”

They made their way to Hamilton where her parents live.

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