Beware who knocks

BurglerNeighbourhood Support Hamilton has sent a warning out about dodgy door knockers.

Reports of groups of people are going to addresses in Chartwell, Queenwood and northern suburbs saying they are selling raffle tickets for a local school trip to Kelly Tarltons.

“They take down names, addresses and phone numbers and a couple of dollars, while looking around your place.

“One of our members has checked this out and there is no such raffle from the local school. Police have been advised and have warned these individuals may be collecting addresses and phone numbers so they can check if people are at home.”

There have also been reports of this on the Neighbourly website as well.

“Police have asked if it happens to you to please phone them with information as if there are any burglaries or suspicious activity they have very good information on these people.”

One local is telling people to be alert to what’s going on around them after having his 12-year-old rural delivery mailbox stolen.

“…last seen Thursday afternoon, normally sits at gate waiting for his mailman friend to arrive daily. Never been away from the property before, 12 years and still in good health, only its black flag is not fixed any more but otherwise all good.”

The blue mailbox with a black door was bolted to its post but had been ripped off.

Also stolen was his recycling bin, as well as his neighbour’s.

“Are these people the ones that steal stock, vehicles, pets. It may seem trivial but where does it stop? So be alert to things around your property and dont trust anyone.”

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