Woodlands gets its fountain

Fountain Woodlands

There she flows – the water has been dancing in the new fountain at Woodlands Historic Homestead.

Situated in the middle of the circular lawn in front of the homestead, the fountain is receiving a lot of praise from visitors, says Woodlands Estate manager Kirstie Alley.

“It’s a thing of beauty, and it’s lovely to watch people gather around the fountain, admiring it.”

The three-tiered fountain consists of three bowls, supported by three pedestals designed to match the architectural details of the Woodlands estate, built in 1872. It sits in a 4.5 metre concrete pond, which features a top capping similar to the homestead.

Fountain buildingCosting around $10,867, the fountain was designed and built by Glen, of Tuscany Statues, who has also created the fountains and figurines for Hamilton Gardens.

Each element of the fountain has been handmade, even down to the curve of the pool.

“We wanted it to be classical, rather than Italian looking, including elements of the homestead – finial and acorn shapes on the top,” she said.

Former Woodlands chairman Rod Wise came up with the idea of having a fountain, following on an earlier recommendation from NZ Garden Trust that the gardens needed sculptures to enhance the aesthetics.

Funding came from the Gordonton District Committee, the WDC discretionary fund, WEL Energy and private donations.


Woodlands Fountain
Work underway in November last year.


Fountain Woodlands
Glen and his team. Photos: Woodlands Homestead


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