Waikato Show seeks culinary creations

The 110th Waikato Show gets underway next month, and they want not only cake but jam and preserves too!

Fruit cake
Number 8’s famous fruit cake. We reckon it’s a winner!


Keeping up traditions of yesteryear, the Homegrown Harvest is seeking the finest examples of baking, pickling, preserving and bottling in the Waikato.

Ralph Evans, acting general manager, says his weakness is fruit cake – and he would love to see a steady stream of competitors vying for the winning red ribbon.

“I encourage everyone to give it a go, the more entries the better. In some cases it might mean learning new skills, in others it might be bringing out grandmother’s secret recipe.”

He says the competitive side of the Waikato Show brings out his memories of the glories of a good fruit cake.

“I adore a finely crafted fruitcake, rich with flavour, moist, slightly crumbly, and ultimately delicious. No need for butter on the slice; no need for icing; or cream on the side; or a berry coulis. Just glorious fruitcake!”

“My mother used to enter these competitions in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, as did my grandmother, great aunts, older cousins, and everybody else who felt their product was best!”

The Homegrown Harvest is now in its third year, and celebrates food produced locally and at home.

For keen gardeners there is the Garden Bounty Basket category, which requires a selection of three different items produced from the garden. This can include any variety of vegetable, fruit, edible flowers, herbs, honey or eggs.

The competition includes categories for the best jam, chutney, sauce, preserves and more.


Waikato show preserves


Competition entries will be on display over the three days, and judging and prize giving  will take place on site.

For more information, visit the website, phone 855 7754, or email. 

• The Waikato Show opens Friday 6 April and closes Sunday 8 April at Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton, 10am to 5pm daily.

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