Mammatus clouds, fantails and more

…in which N8N shares some highlights from around these parts.  Just look at this absolute stunner of a photo from Garden Graphix’s Anthony Skinner, taken from his studio.  We think these are mammatus clouds.  Could be.


Here’s The Mandarin’s Tree’s Claudia Aalderink out and about, on her way to or in Wellington for the long weekend. “You can take the girl away from the tree, but you can’t take the tree away from the girl!”



On the same trip she also took this shot – I think I know where this is!



We like these pics from Horsham Downs School – the students are sharing some of their work –


Horsham Downs school


…as well as performing – aww!


Horsham Downs school


And finally, a friend wandered up Pukemokemoke Reserve and got these views over the fog.  She says there were staggering numbers of fantails.  “Some of the photos show just how great it was for the fantails too!” says Stella McQueen.






If you look hard at this one you can see little bugs…




If you have pics to share, give us a yell at Number 8 Network!

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