Pick of the crop

It seems the animals and the weather dominate this week’s Pick of the Crop!  A wood pigeon called in to Great Beginnings Gordonton to have a look around. 


Wood pigeon


Wood pigeons are not all that common around Gordonton so this a good record!  Look at these young ornithologists keeping watch –


Great Beginnings bird watching


Staying with things feathered, the Whitikahu/ Orini Ag Day is in their second year of holding a chicken competition.  Here’s a star from last year –




Moving on to donkeys, meet Carnival, who lives in Puketaha.  He keeps an eye on our new columnist, Mike Taylor, who keeps an eye on the rain.  And there certainly has been a lot of it just recently!


Carnival the donkey
What do you think of it so far, Carnival?!


Wairere Nursery’s Lloyd Houghton sent this in to us – almost time to get out the boats.


Flooding at Wairere


It’s all go at Clandon Daffodils with new blooms aplenty – the trip to take the daffodils to market in Auckland was slowed due to flooding on SH1.  But isn’t this a lovely pic? (Or should I say pick?!)



Clandon daffodils


There was a magnificent rainbow over Zealong Tea Estate –


Zealong rainbow


And finally, finally, here is Marley the Number 8 Network office cat, showing everybody the best place to be in this weather.  Next to our new wood burner. (I would like to point out that this is MY seat, by the way!)


Home fire
“Try and take this chair!”


  • Got any great pics or stories to share for the Pick of the Crop?  Send them in!


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  • July 17, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Thanks Annette love the way you include the photos which of course add to the story!


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