The Dog who came In From The Cold

Photo of stray dogThis little fella was found in Gordonton last week. He was in a poor state, thin as a rake and with matted hair. He’d obviously been sleeping rough for a while.

“We found him this morning at the intersection of Woodlands Rd and Gordonton Rd, he is friendly and seems to be happy we have found him,” said Tanz.

She reports that the little man was warmed in front of the fire that night and given a warm bath before many of the countless matted knots were cut out.

While he had no collar, he had been micro-chipped, put in by a vet on Great South Road, Auckland.

The good folk who found him rang the number but no one knew anything about the dog.


Tanz says people have been very kind. “It’s become a community rescue, really. Ray Hopa helped me put him in the car when we found him, and people have been making kind offers to help support him which is really appreciated.  The following pic is after another trim.
Photo of little dog
“We are happy to care for this wee man. He has sort of become all of ours – we are almost sharing him!  I just couldn’t walk away. The look in his eyes as if to say ‘you don’t know what I’ve been through to meet you today ‘.”
The poor dog was dreadfully underweight and he finds it hard to keep warm at night. “We have been sharing Louie’s (our other dog’s) jackets to keep him snug as well.
Photo of little dog
Snug as a bug!
“He is so cute and super playful with us, truly a lovely little fella.”
Many cheers to Vaughan and Tanz, Christine and Ray who are going to share this fine hound, now named Rueben.  If you’d like to get in touch with Tanz, email here.   
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