Two big Lotto winners bought in Gordonton

“We decided Gordonton had a lucky ring to it, so we made a beeline there,” said the winner of a $1 million lotto ticket to a news reporter from the NZ Herald.

The winning ticket was bought from the Gordonton Superette, run by Sushant and Bharati Rajan last week.
This follows another $1 million win with a ticket also bought from the Superette earlier in the month.
Bharati told Number 8 Network they were delighted at the good fortune of their customers. “This is a lucky place to buy tickets!”

The recent winners, from Auckland, told the newspaper they were on the final leg of their road trip when they “got a feeling that a turn of luck was just around the corner.”

“Even though we passed several other Lotto stores on the way to Gordonton, we held out – we’d had a bit of luck on our previous ticket and won around $70, so decided to hold out for where we were feeling lucky.”

While buying their ticket in Gordonton, the woman jokingly said to the Lotto operator, “thanks for the winning ticket – your winners’ trophy is going to look perfect sitting right over there”.

After double checking that they did in fact have all six winning numbers, they scrolled down the page to see how much they had won.

“We were parked up by the beach at the time and it took everything in me not to burst outside and scream ‘we’ve won Lotto!’ – I was so excited, I could have woken up the whole campsite, no problem,” she laughed.


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