Fairies afoot!

It’s true.  Fairies are afoot and atree at Lake Kainui.  After receiving a hot tip, Number 8 Network raced out to the nearby lake and went for a stroll.  This is some of what we found.



Fairy home


The little people have been busy – in fact, there were many little people with their parents walking around the lake, one or two even dressed up as fairies.


Photo of fairy house


We have it on the best authority that it started somewhere down south; a woman placed a fairy house in a popular walking path and someone around these parts heard about it… and the fairies have now moved in, lock stock and barrel.


Photo of fairy house


It was a brisk, somewhat chill day and it was fantastic to see families out and about, some with dogs, some with little ones, and one couple with hammer and nail and big smiles.  But we didn’t take a photo of them because this is clearly magic.


Photo of fairy house


There’s no fairy houses in this next photo, but there should be.  It’s possible there was a fairy hovering just above these roots as the pic was taken but we might have scared her off.


Photo of fairy house


We didn’t take photos of all the fairy houses because it’s fun to look out for them.  There are many more, and more are sure to be arriving soon!


Photo of fairy house


This little guy didn’t know what all the fuss was about.  He just enjoyed being out and about on the lake himself.


Photo of dabchick
One of the lake’s resident dabchicks, a nationally vulnerable bird. Last time we walked around the lake, we saw three of these special birds. Photo: David Riddell


Note – you can visit the Lake Kainui Fairy Forest facebook page by clicking here.  They say:

After seeing the amazing fairy houses in Hanmer forest and Bottle Neck Forest on the news, we thought it would be neat to make some for Lake Kainui. This will (hopefully) encourage children and families around the lake and to create some community magic.

Please note: if you are making a fairy house or bird house use environmentally friendly products. Wood, stones, sticks etc, no plastic, so we can continue to protect this beautiful place we all enjoy.



  • The lake is located within the Kainui peat bog, in Horsham Downs, and is administered by Waikato District Council. It is available for fishing, hunting, and some on-water recreational activities. It is also lovely to walk around!

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