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From Gordonton to Oxford and back

Nov 11th, 2018 | By
Pare Hopa

The first Maori woman to gain a PhD – from Oxford, no less – began her educational journey at Gordonton School 78 years ago. Dr Ngapare Hopa still lives in her parent’s house, in the middle of Gordonton village.  She featured recently in Home Range magazine. She has headed Auckland University’s Maori Studies Department, worked

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Happy birthday Gordonton School!

Oct 24th, 2016 | By
School reunion

The weather was fantastic as was the birthday party – which carried on over the whole of Labour Weekend. Happy birthday Gordonton School, 125 years and going strong.  Old and young turned out in great numbers to raise toasts, tell tales, catch up with classmates from decades past. Number 8 Network’s Annette Taylor checked out

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