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Raw milk in Gordonton

Mar 12th, 2019 | By

Raw milk is again for sale from a farm in Gordonton. Molly’s Milk, run by Aaron and Laura Deveth, opened for business on Piako Rd on Tuesday 26 February. “It’s real milk, straight from the cow,” Laura told N8N. There is absolutely no processing in our milk, no pasteurisation, no homogenising. Everything is done by

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Raw milk party

Oct 5th, 2013 | By

The raw milk flowed (208 litres) at the opening of Graham and Rebecca Barlow’s new venture last week.  More than 300 folk dropped by to try it out, and sip a fruit smoothie or two. While Annette Taylor was there, her camera was elsewhere. Luckily the talented Stephen Barker had his handy. Here are some

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Raw milk on tap soon

Sep 16th, 2013 | By

Raw milk will soon be flowing in Hamilton, from Gordonton farmers Graham and Rebecca Barlow on Piako Rd. The couple are working with Village Milk, a Nelson company interested in nutrition and committed to bringing raw milk back to the community.  Mr Barlow is thought to be the first in the Waikato to have a

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