Spotted Dove  Photo: David Riddell


New year and new birds all round

Happy New Year and here’s to 2017 and all it brings. Keen observers may have noticed – and heard – a new bird in Gordonton: the Malay spotted dove has recently set up residence here. Number 8 Network returned from holiday to find a content dove hoovering up seeds in the courtyard and for the

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Rural fires.  Photo: WDC

Light no fires without that permit

Fire permits will be needed from now as the Waikato District Council begins a restricted fire season. Permits will be needed for all fires in the open air with the exception of barbecues, hangi, brazier-type fires and fires within a properly constructed incinerator fitted with a lid or mesh spark arrestor to stop embers escaping.

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Woodlands seeks board members

Gordonton’s Woodlands Homestead is looking for new board members. Manager Kirstie Alley says it’s a great opportunity to help preserve an important part of New Zealand’s history. “Woodlands has a long history – it’s an original homestead and garden of national significance, with plants dating back to the 1880s.  It was fundamental to the development

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Merry Christmas Osborne

Merry Christmas from N8N!

A most Merry Christmas to you and yours from Number 8 Network. Our resident pook Osborne has plenty to chew on to keep him out of mischief. But he’ll be back yarning before you know it.  As will Number 8 Network.   Here’s to a wonderful New Year and relaxing holdiays. Thanks to everyone who

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Drinking bans and rubbish bags: the guide

With the festive season underway, Waikato District Council is keen for ‘the season of good cheer’ to remain just that with a reminder of its regular and holiday season liquor bans. “Liquor bans, which control when and where alcohol may be drunk in defined areas, were put in place by our communities several years ago

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The Milky Way

Milky Way to say goodbye

After several decades operating, Gordonton’s newsletter The Milky Way is to close down.  “Over the years it has been going we have had the services of many volunteers to help with supplying news worthy articles, type-setting, collating and delivering our copies. “This we have really appreciated and our sincere thanks to all those who have

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Out & About

Penny farthings

Gone cycling

  Number 8 Network has headed Otago-ways for a bicycle ride in full Victorian clobber.  Penny farthings will be involved, and Annette Taylor says this year she might try and get on one.  For one minute. Last year she joined a keen group of enthusiasts for an old-fashioned cycle tour of Canterbury. Lycra and gears

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The rubbish jar

The Number One tip for reducing your rubbish is…

GET A JAR.  No, seriously.  Since the new changes to Waikato District Council’s rubbish collection our household waste has been reduced to this –     It began with friendly rubbish rivalry.  A friend challenged us to see who could produce the least trash.  This was before Waikato District Council’s changes to rubbish collection –

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Country Cooking

Horse mushroom

Lashings of delicious mushrooms

Mushroom season is just about over, but one of the best types is still putting in an appearance. Horse mushrooms (Agaricus arvensis) are the biggest of the local mushroom varieties – they can be 15cm or more across the cap – and they have a deliciously rich flavour with a hint of aniseed. Around here

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Chilli sauce cropped

Relishing the chillies

This is simply the most splendid chilli sauce I’ve experienced – packed with complex, intense flavours and hot enough to knock your socks off. We were going to turn our small harvest of jalapeno chillies into a jar of pickled peppers to be kept in the fridge and used as needed. But we’re still getting

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Country Markets

Gordonton country market

Gordonton Market this Saturday!

The sun is set to shine on this Saturday’s Gordonton Country Market. “Fine, not much wind,” says MetService. Stallholders will be making the most of the day – serving up good cheer as well as a huge range of locally made art, and crafts, food and treats. Great food is on offer – including salmon,

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Tamahere Market

Tamahere Market worth a visit

Our markets may be taking a rest, but if you like fresh produce, culinary treats and crafts, check out the fabulous Tamahere Market. The popular market, south of Hamilton, offers everything from seasonal fruit and vegetables to imaginative art and craft, local wine, delicious cooked food, including Indian vegetarian meals, Cornish pasties, Dutch biscuits and

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The junior class, 1937

Hopscotch and horses: old school memories

Clarice Hoban (nee Riddell)  still remembers the names of the draft horses who pulled the milk wagon – Jock and Bonny. “They were lovely,” says the 86-year-old, former student of Gordonton Primary, which celebrates its 125th anniversary over Labour weekend. Clarice, the youngest in the family of William and Mary Riddell, lived in the old

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The old Gordonton hall

New info sought on old pics

  FEAST your eyes on wonderful pics of our old hall.  Actually, while you’re at it – do you know anything about these photos? Sent in by Perry Rice, from Hamilton City Libraries, they were taken mainly by museum staff in the 1970s to 1990s. “Regrettably we don’t have a comprehensive catalogue as to location

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