Meet Osborne

Jul 30th, 2011 | By | Category: News

Osborne the Pukeko, N8N's newest resident.

Number8Network is the new home of Osborne, a pukeko who lives in a paddock near Horsham Downs and has an opinion on most things.

A collaboration between freelance illustrator Daniel Mills and N8N writer Annette Taylor, the cartoon will be a regular feature on the website. There’s no knowing where the pook will turn up.

Today’s Osborne is a graphite illustration on butter paper – a smooth, tissue-like paper used for artwork, says Daniel. “It’s really a fine art comic. Future ones may have a different artistic style. We’re looking forward to playing with this project.”

Power to the pook, we say.

Click Osborne on the menu bar to see the comic.

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