Needlework magic and camellias at Woodlands

Celtic Garden, one of the quilts that will be displayed at Woodlands.

Quilting and embroidery will be out in force next week at Woodlands, as the historic homestead gets draped in the finest needlework as part of a special display.

The idea for the Stitch Textiles came to trust member and garden convenor Irene Clarke about two months ago.

The New Zealand Camellia Society is having its national show and convention in the Hamilton Gardens on Saturday 13 and 14. They’ll be travelling around and visiting gardens, and three or four busloads will come to Woodlands to see our camellias; some of them date back to when the homestead was built in 1872. I thought it was a great opportunity to have something in the homestead and then, why not do it for the whole week.”

She shot down to the nearby Grandmother’s Garden and told them of her idea.

“They were immediately supportive, and said they’d bring quilting and pieces from the shop to put in Woodlands. This will include one bedroom, the entrance way, staircase and dining room.”

In addition, examples of embroidery past and present are being collected by Kath Des Forges and a friend, who are going to ‘do up’ the Kauri Room. “I think it will look utterly delightful and what a chance to do something a bit different,” Irene says.

She expects she’ll be flat out spreading the pieces around the homestead on the preceding Monday but is looking forward to it.

“Years ago we used to have various displays in the homestead; one involved teddy bears and another china painting. They were so successful but I felt that was a long time ago, let’s do it again. This is a chance for locals and for those from further afield to come and enjoy the camellias, the garden, and the ambiance of the homestead, with all the beautiful needlework in it.”

Stitch Textiles opens on Tuesday August 9 to Sunday 14, from 10am to 4pm.

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