Seventy years of happiness shared

Lovely feature by in Saturday’s Waikato Times, about Peg and Ray Broadbent who taught at the Komakorau school in the 15 years following World War II.  They celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary today.

In the story, by Denise Irvine, they remember their arrival at the school did not go quite to plan.  They were to live temporarily in a nearby cottage but when they arrived, another family was there.

Eventually, with the blessing of the Auckland Education Board, the couple moved into the school’s second classroom and Peg comments on the kind farming families who provided baths and washing machines for them.  During their stay, the Komakorau School roll grew to more than 40.

And, in time, they got a new schoolhouse, complete with bathroom.

Ray’s love for Peg has not diminished with the years, Denise reports: “All I know is I’m glad she’s mine.”

Congratulations to Ray and Peg.



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