Twilight on Christchurch

The N8N team has spent several days in and around Christchurch.  One evening we parked the rental car by the Avon River and walked around some of the red zone perimeter, passing the Art Centre as the sun faded and a busker stood alone playing haunting music on a small recorder.




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One thought on “Twilight on Christchurch

  • September 5, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Are we ever ready for a disaster, it is similiar to someone who is terminally ill, always a shock when it happens. To get a real feel for what it is like people in the north island need to spend time in Christchurch to experience a little of what is happening. Have family in Canterbury area and they are very resilient and yes it has been a year of quakes and after shocks and huge adjustments. People are doing their best to keep positive and look at different ways of doing things – facing changes – finding employment and alternative accommodation, accepting that the supermarket they used to visit is no longer there, not easy for them. In my opinion Bob Parker needs recognitiion of some kind as he has lead that city on and done a marvellous job as mayor and of course his councillors need high praise as well.


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