Mural brightens The Mandarin Tree

Mural at the Mandarin Tree


The new mural at The Mandarin Tree has people smiling, says gallery owner Claudia Aalderink.

“Thanks to the wonderful children of Gordonton School and their teacher aides, we now have a very beautiful artwork outside the gallery.”

The Mandarin Tree
Photo: Claudia Aalderink


Just weeks ago a car was driven through the front doors of the gallery – “We were left with a lot of glass and chaos.”

She rang the local school and the young artists set to with paint and brushes, inspired by Claudia’s beehive artworks and the gallery’s logo.

“We love the result. Customers respond to it as well and it has brought lots of smiles to peoples’ faces!”

The gallery was broken in to on Wednesday 15 November, at about 1am.  No arrest has been made yet. Police fingerprinters took prints  and parts of the car’s number plate frame were left amongst the broken glass – but there is a strong likelihood the vehicle was stolen.

This is the first time in three years of business that such an event has occurred.

She is glad the damage was minimal and nothing was taken.  “We might be boarded up for a while, but we’re still open.”


The Mandarin Tree
Photo: Annette Taylor


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