Residents’ call for safer roads heard

Toad safety submission
Tim van de Molen receives submission from Gordonton restident John Wolff as fellow residents look on (extreme left; Karen Boyt – NZTA)

A group of Gordonton Residents determined to make their village safer for residents and visitors alike have handed their petition over yesterday.

Tim van de Molen, Member of Parliament for Waikato, received the submission, signed by 168 residents. Also present were Waikato District Deputy Mayor Dynes Fulton, Gordonton School principal David McNair, Richard Riddell – Chairman of the Gordonton District Committee and NZTA manager Karen Boyt.

John Wolff, one of seven residents behind the petition, told Number 8 Network that organisers were pleased to see the petition delivered as a step towards getting improvements.

“Whether we’d have got anywhere without making the Submission is anyone’s guess but at least we’ve tried and the value of that input was acknowledged by both Tim van de Molen and Dyne Fulton of Waikato District Council.”

The submission outlines key concerns around pedestrian safety – the parents and 32 children who twice daily cross State Highway 1B to Gordonton Primary School and Rainbows Early Childhood Centre, necessitating a safe crossing zone.

The construction of a footpath from the Eastwest College and Rainbows Early Childhood Centre to the Gordonton Domain is also a priority. The petition also touches on road maintenance and road noise concerns, and a plea to lower the speed limit through the main village from the current 70km/h limit.

With just under 1500 permanent residents, the roads are busy. At the Waikato District Council’s last actual count, the Annual Average Daily Traffic at the Gordonton shops was 700 vehicles, with numbers in excess of 7000 per day sweeping in and out of State Highway 1B (south).

“Gordonton Village has developed significantly, and we are seeing a steady population growth in the north of Hamilton. With that growth, there comes the need for increased public safety infrastructure – as such, I welcome a review of pedestrian safety in Gordonton. In receiving this submission, I am happy to convey the Gordonton community’s message to central Government,” Mr Mr van de Molen said.

He will pass a copy of the submission to the Minister of Transport Hon Phil Twyford for his consideration and response.

gordonton village
Tim van de Molen, centre, with residents, Deputy Mayor Dynes Fulton, and Karen Boyt – NZTA.



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