All looking grand for Puketaha Spring Fair

Sam Gordon and Echo Renton with their seedlings. Photo: Jo Brook

Blokes – get out your aprons and roll your sleeves up – Puketaha School needs you.  The school is holding an inaugural Spring Fair and the male of the household is being invited to decorate a cake.

“Anyone can make the cake but it must be decorated or iced by the father, stepfather, uncle, grandfather, or brother of the house.  This will then be auctioned, and he who is judged the best by the celebrity judges, will be the first-ever Cake Decorating Champion,” says school secretary Christine Jeffery.

Some of the men, suspects PTA member Diane Gordon, will be bidding against each other for their own cakes.

But no matter, it’s all to raise funds for the school, which is abuzz at the moment with plenty to be done before the big day on the 24th September.

“We’re all busy, children, teachers and parents.  Each class is doing their own projects, some have two or more things on the go,” says Christine.

Expect raffles, jams and preserves, balloons, sideshows, games, buskers and those beautifully decorated cakes.

There’s also old fashioned education going on.  “The little ones visited a nursery and are growing seedlings, in the process learning about photosynthesis and how much water to give their plants – as well as how much not to give them!  Others want to sell old-style lemonade, so they’ve been taste testing to see how much sugar it takes, and have sorted out a good  recipe,” says Diane.

The senior students have made business plans to guide their projects, and have learnt about marketing, mark-ups and advertising.  “They’re being quite entrepreneurial about it, finding what it takes to get your product out there and are now making all sorts of things.  Baking, hair products, denim creations, there’s about 15 different groups who are flat out,” she says.

The Puketaha School Spring Fair will be held on Saturday 24 September, from 10am until 2pm.

“It’s been fun putting it all together, and it’s shaping up to be a blast,” both say.  “Come along and check it out.”


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