Watch out – thieves on the prowl

Lock the doors, bolt the windows and keep a watchful eye about the place – thieves are doing the rounds again.
Horsham Downs resident Rachael Potts said her house on Speedy Rd was broken into in the middle of the day.

“They were bloody cheeky, smashed a window on the road front and jumped in while we were out,” she said.

They made off with quick cash items such as PlayStations and laptops but also stole a precious watch and a laptop full of photos.

“It would be good for people to lock their gates and keep an eye on their neighbours.”

Another house on Whitikahu Rd has also been broken into recently, and a nearby property as well.

Tamahere Forum, N8N’s sister community website, reported at least two properties broken into in the last week.

The Providore, next to Punnet Cafe, was burgled in the early hours of last Tuesday with robbers making off with a safe containing the long Waitangi weekend takings.

An Airport Rd property was targeted in a burglary that netted a hedge trimmer and other items from a garage. It was thought robbers had been casing the property and knew when to strike.

If you see any suspicious behaviour in the neighbourhood please report it to Hamilton Police, (07) 858 6200.

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